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Organic farming brings with it the concept of respect for the living environment. Wine-growers undertake not to use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or synthetic chemicals in the cultivation of their vines. This method of vineyard management aims to re-establish and respect the balance of nature in order to strengthen the plant’s natural defences.

Regulated and monitored by ECOCERT (Limited company based in 31-Toulouse)

 And what about biodynamic agriculture ?

This method takes things one step further than organic farming (it is a Rudolf Steiner theory - Rudolf Steiner being the founder of the philosophy of anthroposophy at the beginning of the 20th century).
It is based on a system of thought that seeks to take into account the full range of interactions between the earth, water, plant-life, air, fauna and flora.
It places particular emphasis on the nature of the soil and cosmic influences. To the concept of substance, it adds the concept of force, to that of analysis, the concepts of holism and coherence and to that of quantity, the concept of quality is added.

It centres around the use of animal, vegetable or mineral-based preparations at specific times in order to care for the soil and the vines.

Its aims are to :
- Care for the planet
- Regenerate and keep the countryside healthy
- Feed mankind using healthy methods
- Encourage individuals’ inner development

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