rorschwihr.jpgBronze age artefacts and remains from the Roman period allow us to date the beginnings of Rorschwihr to well before the moment at which it first appears in written history under the name of « Chrodoldesvillare ».

The village and its vineyard were in the possession of a Frankish nobleman, Rantwig, in 742, before becoming a fief of the Lord’s domain of Ribeaupierre. In 1313, the Ribeaupierre family simultaneously ceded Rorschwihr and the town of Bergheim to the Hapsburgs, thus tying Rorschwihr’s destiny with that of this neighbouring town.
Several religious institutions, most notably the Abbey of Wissembourg, the monasteries of Ebersmünster and Moyenmoutier and the convent of Silo de Sélestat, owned vines at Rorschwihr during the Middle Ages and harvested Communion wine in the « Silberberg » and « Kugelberg » plots.


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