Alsace now that’s what I call a colourful region, down to the half-timbered houses that sport their identity with fierce pride. Nevertheless, there are also hidden treasures to be found outside of the region’s best-known towns and villages.
Located in the centre of Alsace, at the foot of the castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg,, Rorschwihr is one of those small villages possessing a seemingly discreet character that chimes somewhat ambiguously with wisdom, sobriety and distinction.

In the past it has been a meeting place for many and the quality of its soil and wines have gradually revealed their qualities to the most discerning connoisseurs.
From the year 742 on, Rorschwihr and its famous vineyard will change hands many times, with the clergy and religious institutions frequently playing the part of buyer or seller.
The « Meyerhof », a superb 12th century manor house, is a testament to the splendour of this past.

Sited at the entry to the village, the estate Fernand Engel looks down from its hilltop location, its modern look offering a striking contrast to its surroundings.

As soon as you arrive, your unreserved attention will be captured by a statue thrust high into the sky, with its arms opened wide before you.

Is it a woman, or an angel ?
In fact, it’s both at the same time-both come together in complete harmony !

What is this statue doing here ?
It’s here because this figure is the very symbol of our surname.
It’s here because this Statue is the perfect embodiment of the qualities of Fernand Engel wines which lie at the root of our wines’ charm and success :

FERNAND ... Femininity, Finesse, Freshness

ENGEL ... Ecology, Elegance, Equilibrium 

This style of wine is the fruit of a passion, a family heritage and a state of mind. In the space of a generation, this 45 hectare domaine has become one of Alsace’s most important organically farmed vineyards.
This success has come about through the production of wines that are generous, full of fruit, environmentally-friendly and accessible to all.

The richness of its soils (Grands Crus, Lieux-dits, Clos du Meyerhof,…) reveals itself wonderfully in its wines.

Come and discover them !

> Find out more about the History of Rorschwihr and the castle of Meyerhof


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