A fine year with an early harvest due to a warm, sunny Spring. Summer rains help to explain the high acidity levels. Wine with this level of acidity will be suitable for long-term cellaring. The dessert wines are superb, thanks to an early and - very well developed - occurrence of noble rot.

This was the earliest vintage since 1893. A warm Spring and exceptionally hot Summer brought the growing cycle forward - the harvest began at the end of August! The water deficit caused a steep drop in yield. This wine has lower acidity levels. The near total absence of noble rot accounts for the very limited amount of dessert wine produced this year. All the same, these great wines are of excellent quality, boasting a smooth, full-bodied character of rare quality.

This year’s weather conditions were closer to the norm as regards the Alsatian climate. 2004 is confirming its status as a classic, top-quality vintage, with the grapes having been in very good health, with excellent levels of acidity.

Having benefited from optimal weather conditions which produced superb-quality grapes, 2005 turned out to be a remarkable vintage. The harvest was stress-free - this vintage will go down as one of the best ever. Acidity levels are balanced, aromas elegant and the finishes have great persistence. Furthermore, noble rot developed early and produced high quality results.

Autumn rains caught wine-growers by surprise. The harvest had to be brought in rapidly ! Although the media as a whole underlined the variable quality of this year’s wines, the quality of the wine produced on the estate was more than enough to reassure our customers. Yields were low, but thanks to careful vine management and selective harvesting, a few vats of this year’s sweet wine are to be found in our storehouse.

Following a warm Spring and mediocre weather conditions during July and August, an Indian Summer enabled us to harvest in the best possible conditions. The grapes were in excellent condition and at their optimal ripeness. The wines produced demonstrated the aromatic purity and elegance that are the hallmarks of the very finest vintages. We were also very pleased with the high quality displayed by the dessert wines !



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